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Delivering new types of content is always a challenging task but ultimately rewarding. The comments below were obtained through formal channels and have not been edited, although only a selection appears.

Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science

At Princeton University, we revamped GEO203-ENE203 for science and engineering majors (Course Website Link (external link)).

• “Amazing class, extremely interesting”
• “If you’re interested in GEO, take this course. The problem sets were not something to brush off but were very engaging and extremely interesting.”
• “Problem sets and field trips are very well designed”
• “The readings were great and the visuals were very interesting”
• “Moulik is great and I really liked him. He did go through a lot of content in the semester, and he is an expert on a lot of it, and it was really cool to be able to hear about the seismic stuff that he actually researches.”

Probing the Earth’s Dynamic Interior with Earthquake Waves

I conducted teachers as scholars (TAS) workshops on Probing the Earth’s Dynamic Interior with Earthquake Waves at Princeton University for ~15 high-school teachers from underserved communities in New Jersey so that they can use our tools in classrooms to introduce the fascinating world of geosciences (Website Link (external link)).

What Teachers Had to Say:
• “Professional, I feel “refreshed” and inspired from this Techers as Scholars seminar. Personally, it’s nice to feel surrounded by other curious teachers and reminds me of why I got into science teaching”
• “Seeing the seismometer, all the information, playing with the data models”
• “I’m most taken by the analysis of seismic waves at the end of the workshop…It was great that the patterns weren’t cleaned up and extracted for us”
• “Encouraged me to think about the ways in which I can incorporate real-world data and earth systems in secondary science”
• “I feel like I have a solid intro to the field and many ways I could integrate it into questions with my classes”
• “It showed me many areas in which topics that I thought of as dry are incredibly relevant to modern science”

Some Facilitator Shout-Outs:
• “Raj is an exceptional thinker and explainer”
• “Pritwiraj is at his best when he is fielding questions and inspiring the teachers with answers that inspire curiosity and further questions”
• “Prof. Moulik was so passionate about the material and eager to answer questions and help us out”
• “The presenter was very approachable and made the difficult parts of the material accessible without being condescending”
Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science Python & Jupyter Notebooks
Active learning
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Geophysics for Schools Develop quantitative models
Integrate solid Earth topics
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Previously: Teaching Fellow at Columbia University

Courses included Earth’s Environmental Systems: Solid Earth (V2200) and Environmental Risks and Disasters (V1201).

• ‘… experience with past TAs has been lacking, but Raj restored my faith….’.
• ‘… greatest strength, at least for me (an admittedly weak science student), is his patience and investment in his students…. it is what will see him through to being a great professor.’
• ‘I would love having him for a teacher one day’.
• ‘.... so smart and helpful and funny!’